Develop green paper industry and create a better life
Human Resources concept
  • Take knowledge as the foundation, take selection as the guide, take personnel as the core, take education as the driving force, take retention as the purpose.

  • People-oriented, for "Huachuan people" to create a harmonious, mutual assistance, respect, decent working and living environment.

  • To build a technical professional, hard style, positive innovation, brave to shoulder heavy responsibilities of the talent team.

Path of talent growth
  • Expert level

    Gain insight into the development trend of the professional field, share experience,Collaborate to achieve the overall improvement of the organization and individuals
  • Professional level

    Strengthen application knowledge in professional fields and continuously improve skills And help fellow professionals improve
  • Basic level

    Learn professional norms, skills and knowledge

Enterprise Style

Huachuan attaches great importance to staff training and development We don't think of employees as cogs in the corporate machine. Each of us has our own unique strengths, interests and aspirations that continue to optimize our organization.Through various talent training and development programs, we fully support, inspire and encourage each partner to do his or her best in the workplace.