Enterprise goals: people-oriented, efficient recycling, green, century enterprise

Interpretation: "people-oriented" means that we have to respect every employee, in the promotion of respect, understanding, caring people, people on the basis of shape, continue to inspire and tap their creativity. To improve staff quality, to achieve self-worth and improve their work together, to achieve a strict system constraint person to a good environment to shape people to cultivate an atmosphere of affection people, with a solid style led people to enable enterprises and substance spiritual, realistic and potentially positive factors to unleash the innovative potential of employees to make fully excavated, the value of life can be truly realized. People management in achieving the same time, we must pay attention to quantify the recycling of resources, energy-saving and low consumption, high quality and efficient management, as enterprises in the production but also shouldering green, energy efficient, the important mission of resource recycling, Therefore, only recognize their social responsibility, practicing their own survival value, clarify its long-term planning, so that enterprises can always beneficial position, truly enduring hundred years old!

Corporate philosophy: high-profile work, low-key life

Interpretation: "high-profile work," referring to the work of a high standard, high goals, high demand, high-profile and high aspirations. "Low-life" refers to a restrained behavior in terms of man must behave, we must straighten a prudent attitude, must restrain a humble words, we must stabilize a life style. Follow this logic allows us to obtain a vast world, a perfect career achievement, to win an implication thick, rich, full life. Therefore, a life attitude, "high-profile work, low-key man" philosophy both China Sichuan people, it is life criteria for success in Hwacheon who pursued.

Enterprise (business) purpose: the development of green paper, for a better life

Interpretation: Green is our goal has always been to uphold! Enterprise to produce, to be effective, but also to the mountains, this is the last word of our sustainable development of enterprises, but also long-term survival of the enterprise soft power. A polluting industries and there is no sense of social responsibility of the enterprise is no future, only from the high degree of social responsibility, to accelerate the traditional industry adjustment, outdated industrial upgrading, ensure energy conservation, companies will achieve green development and harmonious development, long-term development. Implementation of source control, "green strategy" process of governance, and firmly take the road to Green Paper is our business bigger, stronger premise. Create a better future, and create a better life, it is the direction of our continuous pursuit of the goals and efforts!

Entrepreneurship: diligent and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative

Interpretation: The spirit of enterprise is the crystallization of the company culture is a consensus in the long-term practice of employees formed and expressed in simple words. "Diligent and pragmatic" means everything in earnest, strict demands on themselves, not afraid of hardship, realistic, follow the objective law. So we Hwacheon every employee must establish a sense of urgency, a long-term, down to earth, insisted that the truth, do practical work, seek practical results, conscientiously do their job and do a good job every thing; If you do not work hard today, then tomorrow will be unemployment. "Innovation" is simply more to break the inertia, inertia forces, always seeking innovation, constantly better ourselves, never complacent, never complacent, unceasing pace of progress, on the contrary, we would not be in a competitive market survive in, we would not have a bright future individual. Therefore, the "innovation" is the Hwacheon Group, a firm foothold in the highly competitive market cornerstone, and all our efforts are also Hwacheon and personal for our sustainable development.

Corporate ethics: dedicated, honest labor; customer-friendly, dedicated service.

Interpretation: the enterprise production and management practices in the long-term accumulation of sublimation gradually formed, and employees rely on social media, traditional customs and beliefs to maintain the heart. "Dedication, honest labor" means to be faithful in Hwacheon treat their own career in this position, meticulous, diligent, conscientious and do their own own work; "customer-friendly, dedicated service" means we hwachon Whether people are working on what jobs are party to provide services, should do the loyalty and dedication to our superiors, coworkers, subordinates and customers outside the company providing saving time, effort, simple and convenient services.

Enterprise style: rigorous and realistic, hard work, unity and hard work, dedication and innovation.

Interpretation: rigorous and realistic is the embodiment of the employees' attitude; hard work, unity and hard work is a manifestation of employee engagement style; dedication and innovation is reflected employee self-worth. With the correct attitude, coupled with a solid work style as a prerequisite, self-worth and innovation ability of employees to get a real upgrade. So, is the basis of rigorous and realistic, hard work, unity and hard work is the process of innovation and hard work is the end result we seek. Employees are individual enterprises, each employee is a power source, every post is a value point, the plot can trickle into the sea, the enterprise provides us with a broad stage to show themselves, we also provide enterprises tap the potential growth Endless power efficiency, a clear relationship between the individual and corporate interests, straighten itself and enterprises rely on the chain, and enterprises with a common fate, so that the individual's future is closely linked with the development of enterprises, so as to achieve simultaneous development of individuals and businesses, and ultimately achieve win-win.

Quality, environment, occupational health and safety policy:

1 Quality: customer demand; technology and innovation as a means; to manage upgrades and upgrades to ensure the quality of products; provide customers with products and quality service.

2, environmental policy: discipline, combining prevention with control, energy conservation, energy efficiency.

3, occupational health and safety principles: people-oriented, focusing on prevention, eliminate hidden dangers.

4, principles of commitment: to comply with applicable state and local relevant laws, regulations and other requirements, to improve the environmental performance and reduce risk factors. From the material, procurement of equipment, supplies, project feasibility studies, site selection, infrastructure, decoration, production, service the whole process of implementation of pollution prevention, reduce the generation and emission of various pollutants. Continuous improvement process, improved equipment, resource conservation, energy, continuing to promote cleaner production, strengthen pollution control, pollution treatment efforts to achieve full compliance, decreasing emissions, carry out waste utilization, continuous improvement of environmental management. Improve the overall safety awareness, improve the working environment, efforts to propagate integrated approach, the implementation of quality and the environment, security objectives, strengthen the full environmental and safety behaviors and reduce occupational hazards and accidents. Corporate environment on a regular basis, to evaluate the situation dangerous source control, continuous improvement in environmental, occupational health and safety performance and management level.

Quality objectives:

Finished a cross-examination pass rate of over 98% (based on ISO9000: 2000 international quality system certification in principle, continue to continuous improvement); customer complaint rate controlled within 0.2%.